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Kultour is a national organisation committed to advancing cultural diversity in the arts in Australia.

Kultour is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its art funding and advisory body.





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What's on at Kultour

KG2014 Goes on the road

“For me it was an important historical moment that not only brought artists together to discuss their practice but acted as a type of 'stocktake' of the state of the field , including a reminder of what had been forgotten.” Teresa Crea – KG2013

This August, national arts organisation, Kultour, commences the roll-out of its Gatherings 2014 (KG2014) program. A series of conceptual laboratories and associated forums for artists working in culturally and linguistically diverse contexts around Australia.


Grace Barbé - The Afro sounds of the Seychelles

Kultour Pulse program artist Grace Barbé | TOURING NOW!

A colourful and energetic fusion of tropical island rhythms with African percussion, pop, jazz, reggae, rock and latin flavours, Grace’s “Afro-Kreol” sound is original, fresh and funky. Read more...


Spotlight: Gatherings 2014 Provocateur

Angela Chaplin

KG2014 has enlisted the knowledge and experience of several Key Provocateurs for our Gatherings and is proud to introduce Angela Chaplin. Angela has been a professional theatre artist and event creator for over thirty years. She was a member of the acting ensemble of Australia’s first professional community theatre company, the Mill Community Theatre Company from 1982 to 1985.


Spotlight: Gatherings 2014 Provocateur

Fotis Kapetopoulos

KG2014 has enlisted the knowledge and experience of several Key Provocateurs for our Gatherings and is proud to introduce Fotis Kapetopoulos. Fotis was the Director of Multicultural Arts Victoria 1992 and 2001 then founded Kape Communications Pty Ltd.


A spotlight on KG2013 artist Panos Couros

Kultour National Gathering 2013 (KG2013)

Panos Couros is an artist, arts producer, educator and creative associate. He works primarily with sound and digital imagery and his works include sound installations; sound design and music composition for theatre and dance, sound design for multimedia and the corporate world; video installation and mixed/trans media works. As a creative producer he has generated a vast range of arts and corporate events around the country; from innovative multimedia performance events to major arts festivals. He is currently engaged as the Executive Director of the NT Writers Centre and continues his practice as a freelance artist.

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