Company Miji

Reliquary draws upon the connections between Australian Indigenous and Korean spirituality to create a unique contemporary dance theatre piece using puppetry, media projection and aesthetic sound design.
>>> (read more)
Muhanamwé & One Africa
Mandinka Sound features two extraordinarily talented Melbourne based West African acts, Muhanamwé and One Africa. Through music, dance and song, this unique show will take audiences on a journey that traces West African culture in contemporary Australia back to its roots >>> (read more)
Lisa Hilli
Visual Arts
Just Like Home is an exhibition, a meal, a film and a biography, which explores artist Lisa Hilli's New Guinean and Australian heritage.
Just Like Home celebrates the continuation of Tolais cooking traditions, unique to the people of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, with an Aussie twist. >>> (read more)
Multi award-winning Zulya Karmalova is the leading proponent of Tatar and Russian music in Australia as well as one of the most versatile and accomplished vocalists on the world music scene today. >>> (read more)
Bambang Nurcahyadi
Visual Arts / Live Arts
3ARebirth is a performance installation where performance interplays with video projection live. In 3ARebirth the elements added to the work are real-time (moving) images that are tracked from the motion produced by the performers live on the stage. >>> (read more)
Alwin Reamillio
Visual Arts
The Thuringowa Helicopter Project enters its second phase Trans-State-Bayanihan as it makes a flight path through communities across Australia. >>> (read more)